Global Warming Effect is Very Old

What infuriates me is how many people will assert in the media that there is no correlation between CO₂ and average global temperature. This is very old science. It was worked out in the 1800s by Fourier (of Fourier transforms the key to modern telecommunications) and Arrhenius (the guy who discovered ions). It was not in the least controversial until mankind’s CO₂ emissions became massive. These shills are claiming that climate science is part of some global conspiracy going back to the 1800s to interfere with Exxon’s profit, or glean government grants, neither of which even existed back then. I seriously propose the death penalty for telling this lie. It is treachery and vandalism on a thermonuclear scale. Nothing short of nuclear war hurts more people and does more damage.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)