Outside the Bounds of Reason

Do you see faith-based reasoning as a larger problem? Bigger than just whether someone is a good person or not?
Oh absolutely. It affects our public policy today. You see it with the treatment of homosexual individuals. This is real. These are real people. These are people who are being denied civil rights on the basis of a book that was written in the freakin’ iron age. The creator of the world actually cares about where people put their penises? Just think about that from an objective point of view: We go to some planet and we see these green blobs. And half the green blobs have a celery stalk and the other half don’t . Some of these green blobs start sticking their celery stalks in some other holes and everybody’s up in arms. The creator of the universe doesn’t want the celery stalk in this hole. How do you respond to that? That is outside the bounds of reason. The only thing you can say is go to the children’s table. Those are the sorts of things that come up when we as a society don’t value critical rationality.

~ Dr. Peter Boghossian (1966-07-25 age:51) Portland State University