Exporting Jobs

Americans are having a major unemployment crisis. The essential problem is corporations have exported the jobs overseas. A country can’t have prosperity unless it manufactures something that other countries want. The corporations bribed the politicians to set up the law to encourage job export. The result is the corporations are rich since they pay only subsistence or below wages, but the ordinary people are hurting badly. Americans are an impatient people, so they are turning to the Republicans to solve the problem, the ones who largely created it. They are not patient enough to stay any course until it provides results. This will leave them stuck until they demand en masse that their politicians pressure the corporations to bring the jobs home. Even then, it will take many more years for the situation to improve. I see this quagmire as fitting karma for starting two illegal first strike wars and for general greed.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)