Argument from Ignorance

Creationists are extremely uncreative in their arguments to debunk evolution.

  1. They start by telling me all kinds of falsehoods about evolution (a straw man fallacy).
  2. They garble all the terminology.
  3. They assert evolution does not work even though scientists use it every day.
  4. They assert the only thing they could conceive of that could account for life on earth is a sky fairy named Yahweh. They do not understand how evolution could do it. (an argument from ignorance)

The problem is they know almost nothing about evolution. They have scrupulously avoided learning anything about it, except for lies. They improperly presume they know far more than I do. It is a bit like a four year old lecturing to me about sex.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)