Canyon Creek Christian Academy Ignores Evidence

[This school] stresses the Word of God as the only source of truth in our world.

~ Canyon Creek Christian Academy

The creationists have told us that no matter what they see, no matter what the evidence, they are going to give us the same line. I call that confessing to intent to lie. They have admitted to totally closed minds. No matter what they observe, no matter what contradictions exist in the bible, no matter how badly the bible contradicts with fact, they have decided it must be correct, even if it makes no sense whatsoever. Even Jesus coming back, performing miracles and warning them of corrupted verses would not change their mind. Where did this certainty come from? The bible looks like any other book. It had human authors like any other book. It was endlessly manually recopied like any text written before Gutenberg. What magic prevented human error? What evidence do they have that any deity had anything at all to do with its creation? The bible has no supernatural powers, either in itself or by reading aloud its incantations. It is no more magic than Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. They both talk about magic, but neither are magic. Creationism is not just delusion. Creationism is not just pathology. Creationism is an epidemic of contagious mental illness.

The strategy of ignoring all conceivable evidence except scripture would not be so crazy if the bible truly were penned by a deity. That is highly unlikely because: