Picking the Right God

There are 60,000 gods. Nobody sits down and considers each one. I have sat through a sales pitch from perhaps 50 religions. It was pretty much accident which sales pitches I saw. I saw just a minute fraction of the possibilities. If the real god is in the set of gods for whom I was not exposed to a pitch, (or read no sales literature) is that my fault? Surely not.

I examined considerably more pitches than average. Let’s say I rejected 48 of the 50 as just too silly to consider further. If the real god is in the set I rejected, is that my fault? I would say the fault was the ineptitude of the presenter or the abominable quality of the sales materials.

I could perhaps excuse Yahweh filtering people for the heaven stream if they had a special talent for detecting genuine religious propaganda (presumably a necessary talent for employment in heaven). But why torture those not so discerning? Why not just kill them, the way a tropical fish breeder kills fish not up to snuff? Christianity and Islam strangely consider the failure to guess the correct religion as the ultimate wickedness.

Imagine you were the executor of a billionaire’s estate in the 1920s. 60,000 young ladies came forth all claiming to be his long lost daughter. They all had absurd tales to back their claims, but not a stick of evidence. Nearly all of them must be lying. Given that the billionaire was discreetly gay, you might be tempted to assume all these young ladies were lying.

This is how I feel looking at the field of 60,000 gods. I know at most one of them can be telling the truth. All of them appear to be bullshitters. None of them stand out as any different from the rest. The Christians and Muslims think I deserve eternal punishment because I can’t see that their religions look any truer than any of the others. I say Fuck all the religions! Their deities are sadistic crazy monsters. I would not worship them even if they were real.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)