Repugnant Drones

There is something unusually repugnant about drones, where obese teenagers, pizza in hand, in the windowless basement of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) building in Langley Virginia play a video game whose side effect is killing families on the other side of the planet. It conjures up the decadence of Roman emperors pleasuring themselves anally with slaves as they idly watched Christians torn apart by lions. One of the goals of warfare is to use overwhelming weaponry that lets your fighters be 100% safe, while your opponents have no defence. Drones are an extension of high altitude bombing keeping your killers safe from retaliation. What get sacrificed is precision. Nearly always more bystanders are killed than the ostensible targets. Bombing and the use of drones reflect a racist disdain for non-combatants. Many would consider their use cowardly. The disdain for civilians is not new. Harry Truman dropped the A bomb on the most civilian of targets in Japan in WWII (World War II), just to demonstrate his ruthlessness. My main concern with drones is too much power inevitably leads to corruption. Obama can have anyone he wants on earth killed by a drone, even John Boehner. That is too much power for a single human to command. At the very least, control of drones should be taken back from the secrecy of the CIA and put under military command.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)