Obamacare means Less Goes to Medical Care

I will not hire any more workers and I am considering cutting the hours of employees because of Obamacare.

~ Zane Tankel (1929 age:88) Owner of 40 Applebee’s restaurants, not the whole chain.

Capitalists claim that the purpose of life is to make money. They tell me it is necessary to pretend the customer is always right. Then why do they cut their throats like this public like this so often? Such remarks will strongly offend 50% of their customers and will produce a mild nod of approval of the other 50% and complete indifference in the remaining 50%. In other words, the crack will tend to drive away half the customers and have a mild positive effect on the other half and no effect on the rest. When someone trashes your beliefs, you remember. When something repeats something you already believe as gospel truth, it is not a significant event. Applebee’s is a public company. Zane Zankel is not just burning his own money, he is harming the reputation of other Applebee owners. He will regret this when he sees the sales figures. Unfortunately, the entire Applebee’s chain including his own employees will suffer too from his lack of restraint. Lawyers will be working overtime at Applebees to see how they can get rid of Tankel or at least shut him up as a company spokesperson. That’s the sort of remark he should make over a beer, not with the press in earshot.