Dawn Dissembling

Dawn Dishwashing Liquid TV ads claim they donate $1 from the sale of every bottle to helping clean up wildlife caught in oil spills. I had been buying this product feeling virtuous until I read the fine print. (I can read the bottom line on a reading eye chart. I had trouble reading Dawn’s disclaimer.) It turns out they do no such thing. Only if you visit their website and pass a gauntlet of tests do they donate the $1. Further, they cap their donations at $500,000 no matter how much soap they sell. Their detergent donations cleaned up 75,000 waterfowl.

The gauntlet includes:

What Dawn has done is unforgivable, effectively using fraudulent advertising to steal people’s donations to help oil-soaked wildlife. The executives responsible should be criminally prosecuted and forced to pay up the $1 on every bottle as promised.

Note the website now says, more truthfully one bottle can = $1 to save wildlife, where the TV ads fraudulently claim one bottle = $1 to save wildlife. They should also be required to place ads confessing to the net amount per bottle they actually donated.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)