In BC Canada, in the summer of 2014, veteran mediator Vince Ready declared an impasse in the labour dispute between the BC Teachers and the BC Government. The dispute has dragged on and on. Oddly, the primary issue is not money, but class sizes and the requirement teachers handle mentally and physically disabled students in their classrooms without help. For such a protracted dispute, one or more parties must have a vested interest in stretching the dispute out.

The government has come up with a scheme of paying parents during the strike $40 a day per child of free money from the pockets of taxpayers who do not have children. I suspect they hope this income distribution scheme will be politically popular. By stalling, the government will eventually have an excuse to legislate the teachers back to work 100% on the government’s terms. Why would they negotiate?

The BC Liberals are ideologically similar to the Tea Party. They are opposed to governments offering services including health care and education. They could well be trying to destroy the public school system and drive students to private schools owned by Liberal supporters.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)