Grand Canyon

Consider the difference between a creationist and a geologist on the question of how the Grand Canyon formed.

The creationist would answer the question without even going to Arizona. God did it. End of story.

The geologist would photograph the strata at many different points. They would take samples and chemically analyse them. They would catalog the fossils found in each layer. That would tell them the area had been under the sea eight times. The would measure the magnetic orientation of many samples.

They would construct a detailed scenario of what happened when and check that it was consistent with the data. They would try to come up with other scenarios that would also fit the data. If they found some, they would seek data to ratify one and negate the other.

The creationist is not in the least interested in checking that his claim is true. He does not want to hear about anything that would contradict him.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70) How the Grand Canyon Was Made click to watch