Objective Morality

When Christians talk about objective morality, they are asserting that Yahweh’s opinion on morality is so important, that it is as if it existed in concrete form, like a law of nature. The idea that Christian morality is the same sort of animal as Newton’s laws of gravity strikes me as absurd. Even Christians ignore about 99% of god’s morality in the bible. Morality is about opinion and creating consensus about those opinions. Every culture has its own morality. It makes no sense to claim all morality comes from god when Christians assert only their morality comes about that way.

Biblical morality is so insane and so out of date, even the most fanatical Christians ignore it, while giving it lip service. e.g.

That’s not morality. That is obsessive-compulsive disorder. None of those commandments make any sense except avoiding shellfish in a world without refrigeration, but there is no need to kill anyone.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)