Why I Dislike Americans

Here are my top ten reasons I dislike Americans:

  1. Americans stockpile nuclear, bioterror and chemical weapons in quantities far, far in excess of any legitimate use. They are just inviting a serious accident.
  2. Americans have a morality based completely on money. They have despoiled their natural beauty in the name of profit and ruined lives with drugs.
  3. The most whacko Christian sects have gained control of government and impose their nutty ideas on everyone (e.g. prophesies surrounding Israel, refusal to deal with climate change, belief that oil supplies are infinite, belief that God will not permit food fish species to go extinct, barring abortion for fear of upsetting their imaginary god or an imaginary soul, barring euthanasia, barring birth control, harassing gays…). This is literally suicidal.
  4. Americans ignore international law. They refuse to recognise the World Court in the Hague. Further they routinely invade other countries that did not attack them first. This is a war crime — a capital (hanging) offence.
  5. Americans spy on people in every country and meddle in the governments of every nation.
  6. Americans have a plutocracy where representatives sell their votes to the highest corporate bidders and since the Roberts Supreme court decision, this is perfectly legal. According to Mussolini’s definition, this is fascism.
  7. Americans think the world is better off if kids take guns to kindergarten and their dads take them to bars, even though they know statistically these guns will overwhelmingly more likely kill family members and friends than bad guys.
  8. Americans like to brag they are the most generous people on earth, yet on a foreign aid per capita basis the USA is the stingiest of the industrialised nations. To make it even more embarrassing, the USA gives most of its foreign aid budget to Israel (a prosperous country with a balanced budget) to fund their apartheid system.
  9. Americans like to brag they have the best medical care system on earth, yet in terms of outcomes, they are lower than any other industrialised nation, ranking roughly on par with Cuba. If Trump has his way, it will soon be much worse.
  10. Every illiterate trailer park slob thinks he is better than anyone from any other country, just because he is a white American.
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)