Imagine No Overpopulation

Imagine if the churches of the world instead of preaching go forth and multiply had preached bring children into the world only when both you and the planet can support them. Imagine the world population were only one billion instead of 7.381 billion. Instead of having used ½ the world’s oil, we would have used only 1/14th. We would have 7 times as much water per person. We would have 7 times as much land per person to grow food. There would be 7 times as many tons of minerals per person. There would have been no need for the Afghan or Iraq resource wars. Countries would not need nuclear arsenals since the competition for resources would be so much more relaxed. There would be 1/7 as much pollution. The oceans would have 7 times as much fish per person. Humans are no different than other animals. They make themselves miserable by mindless overbreeding. We behave with no more intelligence than tent caterpillars, locusts or lemmings on course for a 30% growth in population by 2050.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)