Where Are The Aliens?

Consider that on earth every day we make weapons more deadly. There is no end point when we decide they are deadly enough. We are working hard to create artificial intelligence smarter than we are to take over the management of earth, for the benefit of AI (Artificial Intelligence), perhaps without humans. We are using our technology to destroy the natural world. It is a suicidal path and we seem incapable of doing anything but bringing it on. We will be extinct within 200 years. Presumably this also happens to any other species on any other planet that steps on the technological treadmill. The reason we never see other technological civilisations is they exist for just a few centuries before going extinct. Nearly all the time, habitable planets have either not yet evolved technology, or have gone extinct from it.

Because of the speed of light, even long-surviving aliens cannot visit us. Instead they would send light or radio waves or other radiation signals to each other or to us. The catch is fully compressed and encrypted data looks almost identical to static. It requires us to be mathematically clever to decode the signal. Nearly all communication would be point to point perhaps with lasers. We would not see it unless it were specifically intended for us. The cosmic CRTC (Canadian Radio and Television Commission) would strongly discourage broadcasting to the entire universe.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)