Biblical Corroboration

Jesus reputedly performed three knock’m dead miracles — rising from the dead, causing an astromomically impossible solar eclise lasting many hours and covering the earth and sending an army of zombie saints to march on Jerusalem. You would have expected all 121 contempory historians to report such marvels. However, none of them did. In fact, they never mentioned Jesus. This is profoundly embarassing for Christians who deeply yearn for corroboration for the New Testament.

They respond by lying. They claim they have corroboration that they do not have. It turns out their evidence comes from sources writing centuries later, merely quoting Christian dogma. They have some earlier work, but it turns out to be obvious forgeries. Even the gospels are not eye-witness accounts. They are hearsay, based on oral transmission of the stories for a century.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)