Conflating the Taliban and Al Qaeda

Listening to President Obama speak about his valiant fight in Afghanistan for freedom, God, Democracy and all that is sacred, you’d think it was the Taliban who had attacked on 2001-09-11, not Al-Qaeda Saudis. Think back. The official reason for the invasion was America’s impossible-to-comply-with demand that Afghanistan capture bin Laden for America, hand him over without an extradition treaty, or an extradition hearing and without presenting any evidence of his guilt. The USA refused Afghanistan’s offer hold an ad hoc extradition hearing to present evidence. Then USA refused the Afghanistan’s offer to turn bin Laden over to a third country for trial. The real reason for the invasion, of course, was of course was the Taliban refused to give Unocal a free right of way for its oil pipeline. That is why Bush appointed mostly ex-Unocal people, including Karzai himself, to the puppet government.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)