Survival Of the Fittest

Evolution is like a marathon. It is sometimes characterised as a game of survival of the fittest. However, the contestants have no concern for ensuring the healthiest or most intelligent prevail. They are out to ensure their own genes prevail, wretched as they may be. They are willing to win by hook or by crook. The mother of a psychopathic serial killer soldier or a severely deformed child favours her son over any Nobel prize winner. When there are not enough resources to go around (the norm) it is to one’s advantage to see the competition killed off, crippled or at least denied the resources to live. This explains why herd animals almost never go to the defence of each other during a predator attack. It explains why humans treat the homeless so cruelly. Fitness is defined as the creatures that win this no-rules war.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)