Seed Money Con

Imagine someone came up to you and said, I have the secret formula for eternal happiness. All you have to do is convince yourself the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is going to send you a cheque for $100 million dollars, any day now. You just bliss out. Everything bad that happens is totally overshadowed by this good news™. All you have to do is give me $1000 seed money. You point out, Yes, but its is just not true. There is no reason to think this will happen. But you can’t prove it won’t. You counter, If you truly believe that, you will do stupid things, like mount up credit card debt expecting the IRS to pay if off. But you don’t understand. If you believe hard enough, it has to happen, guaranteed. I read it in a book, the Power of Positive Thinking.

You decide you have had enough of this nitwit and along comes evangelist pastor John S. Dickerson who tries to sell you a similar scam. His story is that a human sacrifice 2000 years ago has magic power to transform your life if you but believe you cannot die and sign up for donations to him for 10% of your income.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)