Antibiotic Soup

Conventional farmers feed their livestock a soup of dozens of antibiotics. This is not to cure some specific disease. It is improve growth rates and head off epidemics that are inevitable when you overcrowd livestock. The animals are sickly none the less. Ironically, organic farmers who don’t do this, have no problem with sickly animals, but then they give the animals some space to live. You have probably heard doctors and scientists frantically warning people not to use antibiotics needlessly and to take the exact complete prescribed dose. Why? Because casual use of antibiotics gives the bugs the opportunity to develop immunity to the antibiotic. The problem happens in animals only hundreds of times worse because of the widespread abuse of antibiotics. This concerns you, even if you are a vegan because the same bugs developing immunity in animals are using that immunity to kill you. We would never allow a doctor to treat antibiotics so casually, but we allow every conventional farmer destroy the effectiveness of antibiotics for which there are no replacements.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69) Fresh, The Movie