Apology to Omar

We (the US and Canada) ignored every relevant law on the book in dealing with Omar Khadr. We wanted him punished, primarily for being Muslim, the law be damned. Americans convicted him of terrorism (which is absurd since he did not even allegedly hurt any civilians or try to change their political views by force, the definition of terrorism.) I can understand this in the blind panic after 9/11, but not it the sober light of the Canadian supreme court more than a decade later.

The way I see it, he did nothing wrong, morally or legally. The USA invaded Afghanistan illegally (by aiding and abetting an aggressive (first strike) war). That made the invaders guilty of a capital (hanging offence) war crime. Killing invaders in self-defence is a duty in the moral code subscribed to by the majority of Canadians. What is even crazier is the embarrassing lack of evidence that child soldier Khadr ever killed anyone. The damning evidence is merely a confession extracted under extreme duress at the notorious Guantánamo prison.

We are going to owe Khadr a massive amount of compensation when the dust finally settles.

Individual Canadians are free to apologise now on behalf of our country no matter what Harper (or even the supreme court) thinks.

It is not personal. Canadian and American politicians merely need a poster boy to prove they are good terrorist fighters. The American ones further needed to prove they were good Muslims-hating Christians. By ignoring the rule of law, politicians, in general, have behaved shamefully. In contrast, from what I read, Omar’s behaviour while incarcerated was beyond reproach.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)