Fat is Beautiful

There are a number of grossly obese women, such as Candy Palmater on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), who preach that fat is beautiful, that obesity is normal and that there are no consequences to being overweight. They teach that polite people should never mention another’s weight and should pretend not to notice obesity.

Overweight people who listen to them could well stop trying to get their weight under control, and thereby shorten their lives by a decade or two. Fat promoters are a close relation to drug pushers. The convince others to harm themselves for selfish motives. The promoters of fat really should change their message to telling people there in no point in berating themselves or others, but there is definitely a big health and attractiveness plus in controlling weight. Even when you cannot reach your ideal weight, every step toward it still helps.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)