Children of Rape

This business of forcing women to bear the children of rapists sounds like something Hitler would have dreamt up to humiliate Jewish women. It makes absolutely no sense. Tea Party candidates insist that women bear the children of rape. What you are balancing is the life of a single cell against the life of an actual child who will be hated by its biological mother and ashamed of its biological father and itself for its entire life. It seems to me the life of a real child is far more important than the life of a potential one.

Even sperms and eggs are potential children, in exactly the same sense that zygotes are. It is insane to torment real children to honour an abstract religious principle that has no basis in reality. Claiming that every zygote is sacred is just as silly as claiming every sperm is sacred, every egg is sacred, every lymphocyte is sacred, every neuron is sacred, every erythrocyte… Blithering nonsense!

Cells die by the billions every day. The only people who weep over this mass slaughter, or who butcher women who have abortions are nutty Christians who don’t understand the cellular reality. Ironically, most of these same people also have no compassion for refugee children.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)