Addiction to Oil

Why do drug addicts have so much trouble? Someone addicted to alcohol, tobacco or meth knows it will harm his health, his family and it will probably eventually kill him, yet he persists. He hangs out with people who deny the dangers, despite the obvious evidence to the contrary. Why? To him all that matters is the short term pleasure of his chosen drug. Republicans have a similar but even more dangerous addiction to oil. They are hooked on the short term pleasure of buying the most expensive gas guzzler the bank will finance. They are hooked on a lifestyle that measures self worth by how much you can consume and discard. Astoundingly, they are willing to condemn their children and grandchildren to starvation and a blasted, uninhabitable planet, something even the most wasted meth addict does not do. Republicans convince themselves that selfishness is a virtue and pretend they don’t give a damn, Drill, baby drill! Republicanism is the adult version of a child’s addiction to candy.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)