My Religious History

I have always been atheist.

My mother detested Christians. She condemned their holier-than-thou attitudes and hypocrisy. She was especially contemptuous of Christians who believed in the virgin birth. Obviously, Mary lied. The virgin birth story was beyond ridiculous.

My Dad was an atheist and a rational engineer but whenever I asked questions about religion, he was careful to present both the atheist and religious case. As a child, he had been forced to attend a dreary Anglican church every day.

My mom wanted me to start school a year early, so she foolishly enrolled me in a Christian private school. I remember the daily bible readings which I treated as an adventure story. When Jesus was killed, we boys were shocked. The hero never dies. We all bawled our eyes out. Oddly, I don’t recall having any trouble at all with the King James English.

When I was eight, I applied to join the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association). My father wrote on the form that I was Anglican, a word I had never heard before. He said he was lying because the YMCA might reject kids without a religion. I was shocked and disappointed that my Dad was so cowardly.

As a teen, my Mom told me to stay away from Christians. Of course, I rebelled by sneaking into churches to interview people. I developed increasing contempt for Christians because none of them could define god or explain why they believed he existed.

When I was 21, I came out publicly as gay and lead a gay lib group called G*A*T*E (Gay Alliance Toward Equality). Christians attacked me with a vengeance with 3,200 death threats and 380,000 non-lethal threats. Christians publicly and shamelessly told the most outrageous lies about me. Christians were so hateful and irrational I decided that all religion had to go.

In the 1990s, I read both the bible and the Qur’an cover to cover. I was shocked at how crazy and poorly written they were. Apparently, believers were unaware of what crap their holy books contained.

I have written a number of essays countering religion on my website. I have also written hundreds of quotations, each covering a small religious issue. In my old age, I spend a lot of time on YouTube watching religious videos and making comments on them.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)