Bible as Advanced Science Textbook

Creationists such as VenomFangX make the strange claim that the bible is years ahead of science and the bible is a great science text book. This is logically improbable. I think this is one of the most outrageous, transparent and easily debunked lies the creationists have ever produced.

If the publicly distributed bible contained any advanced science, it would have been incorporated into mainstream science during the Renaissance. Why the bizarre claim, that we never learned a thing about science in the last 3000 years?

Just what were scientists living 3000 years ago able to do with all that advanced bible science? Lifespan was 25. Most babies died. There were no phones, computers, cars, running water, hot water, plumbing, TVs, Internet, furnaces, washing machines, refrigeration, sanitation, bathing, GPS (Global Positioning System), lice-free beds… If you got leprosy, the bible-educated doctor would sacrifice a dove and daub its blood all over you. If you wanted some dappled baby goats, the bible recommended waving some white branches while the parents were copulating. The bible taught you the world was flat and rabbits chew their cud.

It is really crazy the way creationists lust for this time period. They have such a romantic view of it. How often do you think a robe was ever washed or deloused in a desert? It was a freaking nightmare. Somebody should make a movie about what life was really like back in those days.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)