Why So Much Ceremony for Dead Soldiers?

Americans love public rituals to honour dead soldiers. They even have grief camps for the children of dead soldiers and support groups for the partners of dead soldiers. They don’t do this for the survivors of the civilian dead. These rituals go on and on, sometimes for centuries. Why? The military does it as part of its recruiting drive. Young impressionable people see these rituals and say to themselves, If I get killed in the military at least somebody will respect and miss me. They might even respect me before I am dead. Soldiers, at heart, are bastards. They abandon their families and kill and/or torture innocent people who were no thread to their countries. All this pomp is to deny and cover up the truth that these soldiers were not really very nice people and drown out anyone who would say otherwise. It is taking not-speaking-ill-of-the-dead to ludicrous extremes.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)