America = Rome

The ancient Romans used to enjoy watching people being eaten by wild beasts. Modern Americans use napalm and white phosphorus to torture and kill in one operation. The idea is to terrorise their victims into submission after watching their children die hideous deaths. But the American soldiers found this treatment too rich for their stomachs. To protect themselves, they invented unmanned drones like the Predator aircraft and the Northrop Grumman Firescout, so they could murder and torture sitting on a couch slurping cokes and gorging on pizzas with no more emotional involvement than they would have dispatching zombies in a video game. Americans are so full of themselves they cannot see how they have become just more decadent than Nazis. The primary function of these unmanned craft is to suppress compassion, regret and restraint.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)