Give It A Rest

CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio, the Harper government propaganda organ, about twice a day broadcasts a piece about some war Canada once fought to help sell the military and war generally. It might be the War of 1812, WWI (World War I), WWII (World War II), Korea, Afghanistan… Basically it gloats about winning, patting Canadians on the back for being so brave and clever to defeat the wicked enemy.

They still use the old racist terms for their opponents and talk about them, as they did during the war, as if they were subhuman. They don’t ever mention current relations. There is never any discussion of the causes of the wars, or how they might have been avoided. This reminds me of a married couple where the wife recites a litany of all the things her husband ever did wrong, over and over and over.

I suggested to the CBC that modern day Germans might find this constant dredging up hoary old disputes irritating. Most Germans were not even born when all this happened. The CBC said the Germans would not take offence and between the lines suggested, they did not give a flying fuck if they did.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)