How Hitler Did It

When I was a teen, I often wondered what on earth got into ordinary German citizens that they not only went along with the Nazis, they also cheered them on and started a world war so Nazis could dominate the earth. Finally, I think I understand what happened. Hitler had control of media in Germany, much the way a few corporations control the media in the USA today. Hitler pumped his We’re Number One message, just the way American TV pumps its patriotic flag worship, America uber alles propaganda 24/7. Today, almost every American I encounter has never read a book on politics and does not read newspapers. He never reads anything written by foreigners. He may listen to talk radio or watch FOX News or other infotainment news. The way he decides if something is true is very simple. He asks Does it conflict with the notion Americans are #1, the most important, the most generous, the most virtuous people on the planet by far? If it does, it can’t be true. If it doesn’t, it must be true. There is no fact checking at all. Germans and Americans were thus putty in the hands of the propagandists.

Hitler was big on scapegoats suggesting that if only some group were eliminated all world’s trouble in the world would go away. Americans are big on scapegoats too. They use liberals, gays, blacks, pro choicers, Hispanics… Scapegoating has special appeal for losers. Even a high school drop out, alcoholic on welfare can feel superior to the local scapegoats with twice the income and education. This builds a culture of hate and violence that eventually erupts the way it did in Nazi Germany.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)