It is very hard to reason a child out of his fear of a bogeyman under the bed. It is very hard to reason an adult out of her fear of spiders and snakes if her mother taught her when she was little that they were all very dangerous.

It almost impossible to reason a Christian out of their fear of Yahweh or a Muslim out of their fear of Allah. Humans have something equivalent to ROM (Read Only Memory) in computers. Anything mom tells them at a young age gets burned in, almost unerasably.

This is a Darwinian survival mechanism for parents to ensure strict compliance with any wisdom they consider of prime importance to survival. (Parents need to be careful about scaring toddlers off sex entirely for their entire lives, by accidentally triggering this mechanism, meaning only to discourage sex play, similarly for fearing strangers.)

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)