Rachel Notley

Rachel Notley is the premier of Alberta and a pipeline evangelist. She is a quasi-climate change denier, and further she believes tanker spills and pipeline spills are impossible or at least that it is rational to ignore these downsides of pipelines. At an anti-carbon tax rally, protestors screamed at her Lock her up. This was mindless aping of subhuman, ignorant Trump supporters.

However, Notley is guilty of attempted mass murder. In a rational society she would be impeached and incarcerated. Every gram of CO₂ we release makes climate change even worse. Instead of doing her part to get the emissions to 0, she is cranking the emissions up to many times the current target with new pipelines all the while lying that she is on target for reductions. The eventual effect of this is to make earth uninhabitable. She refuses to acknowledge her murderous intent because all she can think about is money from big oil and votes from the ignorant.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)