How To Make Enemies

Americans sneer at my country Canada. They hate Mexicans. The still have not forgiven Japan and Germany for WWII (World War II). They are utterly contemptuous of France. They think speaking Spanish is treason. They obviously hate the Afghans and Iraqis since they have been butchering their children for a decade. They hate the Iranians and the Koreans. Russians and Chinese are sworn enemies. Swedes and Norwegians are effete socialists. They mock the British. They still have not forgiven the British for taxing tea. They hate the Palestinians, like Israel, but dislike Jews.

American love to say We’re number one and USA, USA, USA brazenly bragging they are superior to everyone else, like some mad white supremacists. Americans don’t even like themselves. They constantly argue for why the elderly, poor, disabled, homeless and unemployed should receive no help and be left to die. They argue for everyone including children packing guns, settling disputes in the vigilante manner of the old west. With an attitude like that, no wonder Americans have made so many enemies.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)