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Kanguru Defender Basic 4 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive KDFB-4G. No longer manufactured, but you should still find it in stock. Note spelling: Kanguru not Kangaroo. Comes in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB models, as well as fancier models. Available in Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Silver, Gray and Brown. Protects data on drive with a password and AES 256 bit encryption hardware. This is one of the least expensive drives with AES encryption. 4 GB sounds too tiny to be of any use, yet it holds almost 7 CDs or a whole DVD. It comes with a clear plastic cap to protect the USB connector. The white loop on the end flashes red when you first insert to let you know it is working. If you use it for backup, you can take it with you wherever you go. You can restore anything from your backup anywhere. If your computer or backups are stolen, you will still have the USB fob on your keychain with your backup data. Because it is password protected, if you lose the fob, the finder cannot read it. It weighs only 11 grams. The drive is not particularly fast, but consider it is doing so some pretty heavy encryption/encryption on the fly. It is not nearly as fast as a hard disk. Read: 20 to 33 MB/s, Write: 10 to 13 MB/s. manual. To see the advantages of the more expensive models, see the comparison matrix. This is what I decided to buy for myself. When you unlock the secure partition, it remains unlocked to all applications on the system unless you lock it back. There is no way to unlock it to only one application. This probably applies to encrypted, password-protected USB flash drives generally. It appears as two drives. One contains the autoplay logon application and one is the secure datadrive which looks like a removable drive, with no media, when you have not logged on. It is all menu driven and duck simple. There is a bug in the firmware. When you close the drive, it does not always close. You must check that it closed and that the files are not longer visible. If the close did not take, you must reopen and reclose. I have reported the bug, but so far Kanguru can offer no fix. I have discovered that kdmbasic.exe -u to close it programmatically works reliably. Despite the name, they are based in Massachusetts, not Australia. For $8 a year you can subscribe to an anti-virus checker than runs in the firmware. When your drive arrives, go to the Kanguru site to download and install the latest firmware upgrade.
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