Electronic: Sony ICD-SX712 Digital Flash Voice Recorder

electronic product image recommend electronic⇒Sony ICD-SX712 Digital Flash Voice Recorder
asin B004M8ST2W
dim 3.24 × 13.78 × 1.60 cm
1.28 × 5.43 × 0.63 in
Rated 6 dragons by Dragon Naturally Speaking for voice to text. It also comes at higher cost with Dragon Naturally Speaking bundled. 2 GB memory. By adding a memory chip you can take it up to 16 GB. Records 500 hours. That can be expanded to 4000 hours. Two AAA Batteries last up to (I hate that weasel phrase) 25 hours. The built-in mike is both stereo and directional. The twin stereo microphones are shown in the directional position. They can be pointed outwards for stereo. Optional noise canceling on the microphones. You can record in MP3 or LPCM fidelity. Battery life depends heavily on recording fidelity. The more expensive 713X model has twice as much memory. The provided USB cable lets you upload selected recordings and recharge the unit. The unit is fairly large, about the size of a TV remote. Specs. manual.
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