Electronic: Sony ICDTX50 Digital Flash Voice Recorder

electronic product image recommend electronic⇒Sony ICDTX50 Digital Flash Voice Recorder
asin B007BD0H1G
dim 4.08 × 10.23 × 0.64 cm
1.61 × 4.03 × 0¼ in
Rated 6 dragons by Dragon Naturally Speaking for voice to text. The key feature of this recorder is its tiny size. You can slip it into a shirt pocket. It is remarkarkably good for recoding speakers at meetings, even if your seat is at the back. It comes with 4 GB of memory. Stereo noise canceling microphone. It is intended to record voice, not music. It uses a micro-B USB connector. The package includes an adapter cable to the usual USB-A connector on your computer. It includes ear buds. Records in wma, mp3 or m4a formats. Manual. You can also buy it direct from Sony. For some reason, it costs almost double in Canada.
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