Electronic: Philips DVT5000/00 Digital Voice Tracer with 3 Built-In Microphones Voice Recorder

electronic product image recommend electronic⇒Philips DVT5000/00 Digital Voice Tracer with 3 Built-In Microphones Voice Recorder
asin B0097FZRYI
dim 4.10 × 11.70 × 2 cm
1.61 × 4.61 × 0.79 in
Rated 6 dragons by Dragon Naturally Speaking. 50—20,000 Hz. 4 GB. Good for recording music. MP3. USB-2. The built-in 3-mike AutoZoom suppresses surrounding noises. 15 metre zoom. The pre-recording function allows you to record sound sources from approximately three seconds prior to pressing the record button. I am always trying to capture quotes from the CBC radio. That gives me three seconds to react without losing the start of the quote. Sony does not have this feature. 60 grams (2.12 oz). Connects to computer to upload collected recordings with provided USB cable. Specs. manual. SonicElectronix has them for a good price in the USA. They take Paypal.
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