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This is a corded high-performance mouse. It an optical mouse, not a laser mouse. It uses an LED. Despite some of the pictures, it is opaque black, not transparent blue. The polytetrafluoroethylene feet are rated to last 250km. It replaces the more expensive G400 model. It is designed for high precision cursor control. I don’t understand how the Delta Zero technology works that they advertise they use to accomplish this. Switches are rated for 20 million clicks. 4000 DPI sensor. Soft side grips. 8 buttons (gak). Eight buttons to hit by mistake, but I supposed I could configure most of them to do nothing. 1000 reports per second, 8 times faster than a normal USB mouse. Up to 4 meters a second. 133 grams. My concern is this skookum mouse might put a noticeable load on the CPU. I would hope it lowers the report rate when the mouse is not moving.
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