Self-Righteous Racist Behaviour Nazis

Behaviour Nazis with nothing better to do have claimed to be deeply harmed when an able-bodied actor plays a disabled person (such as Eddie Redmayne playing Stephen Hawking), or white actor plays a black person and presumably when a gay actor plays a straight role, or a tall person portrays an elf… They even insist on using disabled actors to play roles where the character starts out able-bodied and becomes disabled. The Nazis don’t want the best or most economical actor for the job. They want rôles reserved exclusively for various minorities, no matter how incompetent the actors. Obviously, people from minorities should get an equal crack at rôles, but they should get the part only when they are the best actor for the job.

If a white boy wears a Denzel Washington mask on Halloween, why is that any more wicked than a black boy doing it. To the children, the shade of skin colour is irrelevant. They are far more advanced than these behaviour Nazis. The Nazis never want white children dressing up as their black heroes and presumably they also want to stop black children dressing up as their white heroes. They are teaching the children segregation and racism.

It gets worse; if a political sketch comedy lampoons a local white politician, the politician feels honoured and happy for the name recognition. If they do the same thing with a black celebrity, suddenly the spoof is deemed a call to bring back slavery. Grow up!

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)