BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) Lies About Climate Change

Even as late as 2012, announcers on the BBC world service promoted the lie that a substantial proportion of the world’s scientists thought global warming was a hoax, or at least that man had nothing to do with it. These twits would find some eccentric on the web who claimed to believe the moon was made of green cheese and from that conclude the butterfat proportion of the moon was a raging scientific controversy.

Even with a grade 9 understanding of science, you can prove for yourself the CO₂ increase (which Svante Arrhenius discovered back in the 1800s to raise global temperature) is man made. Research the figures for how much coal, oil and natural gas man has burned each year since the start of the industrial revolution. Look up the figures for how much CO₂ you get from burning each kilogram of coal, oil or natural gas.

We also know the CO₂ is coming mainly from fossil fuels because fossil fuels and volcanoes emit a different proportion of C₁₂ and C₁₃. How we know volcanoes are NOT the source of rising CO2 click to watch

Make a spreadsheet to multiply and add to find out how much CO₂ in total was generated. From the total mass of the atmosphere and the percentage of in the atmosphere that is CO₂, compute the total amount of CO₂ it contains today. The climate deniers claim the amount added by burning is negligible compared to the total amount there. Do your own work, then nobody can bamboozle you.

These calculations are hardly rocket science. If the figures showed the deniers were right, don’t you think they would be touting them? They have no evidence, just wild accusations of a global conspiracy.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)