Overreacting to Adultery

When I watch movies, there are always scenes of heterosexual couples breaking up simply because one partner or the other had sex, a little as once, with someone else. They destroy their wealth, companionship, their parental rôle all over nothing. I want to shake them for being so self-destructive and petty.

Gay people rarely make such a fuss. Why? They might look at it this way. Why would I want to deny my partner the fun of sex with a Chippendale dancer? I love him. I want him to enjoy himself. Why would I want him to be miserable and resentful of me for blocking this once in a lifetime thrill? It is not as though the Chippendale dancer is going to run off with my partner. I would hope my partner felt the same way if I ever got such a chance. As a fellow male, I fully understand how having the hots for the dancer means absolutely nothing about how he feels about me.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)