Euthanasia Should be Private

Why is there even a euthanasia debate? What would give someone the idea they had the right to override someone else’s end-of-life decisions? What would give strangers the notion they were in a better position to decide than the terminally ill patients?

The anti-euthanasia forces are fueled by religious fanaticism. They think they have a god-given right to impose their religious superstitions on others. They imagine there is merciful, perfect god, like a cosmic hotelier, who will be horrendously offended if you check out a couple of weeks early from Hotel Misery, who will then torture you for eternity for insulting him.

Further, they assert that their cosmic slave master god owns all humans (Christian and otherwise) and therefore any sort of euthanasia is illegally destroying their god’s property.

They think they have a right to force others to act out their fear.

They say this crap with a straight face. There is no evidence for this paranoia, but that does not stop these fruitcakes being 100% certain it is so. They are like adults terrified of bogeymen hiding under the bed.

We have freedom of religion in Canada and the USA. This should give us constitutional protection from religious interference from these nitwits.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)