Organ Donation

When someone dies and donates their organs, a panel of doctors has to decide the best place to use the organs. They look for a good genetic match, high probability of success, age of the recipient, desperateness of the victim…

People watching from the outside will feel cheated by the death panel if their candidate is not the one chosen and will imagine the panel conspired in some way to kill their friend.

The real problem is the shortage of donated organs. And whose fault is that? Christians! They have successfully lobbied to make it harder and harder to register for organ donation. Logically it should happen by default, opt-out, you are a presumed donator unless you selfishly and superstitiously request your organs be ritually wasted. Christians not only interfere with other Christians donating their organs, they work ceaselessly to block everyone from doing so. This is an indirect form of murder and you should let your local Christians know, in no uncertain terms, you don’t appreciate what they are doing.

The truly slimy thing about Christians, is they usually refuse to donate their organs, but eagerly demand organs from others.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)