Assisted Suicide

A committee of the Canadian house and senate have produced a report on how Canada’s new assisted suicide law should work. It is for the most part excellent. Of course, the eventual law could be much watered down. To my surprise, Catholic hospitals that take public money will be forced to offer assisted suicide to their patients.

Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s has been effectively excluded as grounds for assisted suicide on four grounds:

  1. It is not terminal. Patients can linger for decades.
  2. It is not painful in early stages.
  3. It cannot be diagnosed until you are already incompetent.
  4. You cannot set up an advanced directive to handle a disease or condition you have not yet been diagnosed with.

The other problem is neither palliative care nor assisted suicide is guaranteed to be available all across Canada. The terminally ill are hardly in a postilion to travel to where either is available.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)