Atheists spend huge amounts of time trying to get Christians to abandon their superstitions. Similarly, Christians spend huge amounts of skullduggery trying to convert atheists to Christianity. Yet both types of conversion are exceedingly rare. In the west, all religions are gradually disappearing, but not because anyone is converting. Each generation is more secular than their parents, and they stay that way for their entire lives. The drift is driven by development — economics, education and travel.

If atheists want to speed up this trend, they should work for greater development. They should focus on disrupting the indoctrination of the very young not on debating with adult Christians, e.g. teaching children to question what they are told and to use reason. But basically, atheists can relax. The Christians are gradually and inevitably disappearing, even in the USA.

Why there is no way back for religion in the West click to watch
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)