Child Naming

If you convert to the Muslim faith, you will be expected to take on an Arabic name — Mohammed is the most popular. Muslims give their children Arabic names, even when they come from quite different cultures. I think this is improper — children should chose their Arabic names when they formally choose to join the faith as a young adult. It is presumptuous to give them one as an infant.

Of course, Christians do the same thing. We don’t notice because most of the common Canadian/American/British names have Christian associations:

Adam, Calvin, Chris, Daniel, David, Deborah, Delilah, Ethan, Isaac, James, John, Joseph, Judith, Julia, Luke, Mark, Martha, Mary, Matthew, Michael, Oprah, Paul, Peter, Philip, Rebecca, Sean, Sebastian, Thomas, Tim, Veronica…

Some parents give their children archaic biblical names to unmistakably brand them as Christian/Jewish e.g:

Abner, Absolam, Beulah, Caleb, Christy, Christine, Ebenezer, Enoch, Esau, Gabriel, Jared, Javan, Jehosophat, Jemimah, Jethro, Joshua, Lazarus, Luther, Methusela, Micah, Mordecai, Moses, Noah, Phineas, Sampson, Seth, Uriah, Zachariah, Zackary…

It would be more respectful of parents to give their children religion-neutral names and let their children optionally pick a new name at a coming of age ceremony. What would be suitable religion-neutral temporary names?

Aidan, Albert, Alfred, Allen, Amelia, Anders, Arn, Astrid, Barry, Bernard, Bjorn, Brent, Brian, Brianna, Bruce, Cade, Cameron, Charles, Carl, Cary, Charlotte, Cinnamon, Clifford, Clint, Chloe, Connor, Conrad, Croft, Curtis, Cyrus, Dag, Dallas, Daphne, Dmitri, Donald, Donatello, Duncan, Dustin, Dylan, Eric, Erika, Federico, Felix, Frederick, Gary, Geneva, George, Gertrude, Gore, Gregory, Gunnar, Halle, Harry, Herman, Henry, Hugh, Jackson, Justin, Karen, Katherine, Kerry, Knute, Kurt, Larry, Leif, Leo, Leonard, Leonardo, Liam, Linda, Logan, Martin, Manus, Murray, Nadia, Neil, Niall, Nicholas, Nicole, Nils, Oliver, Pepper, Poppy, Ralph, Randolf, Ren, Riu, Ronald, Rudolf, Richard, Robert, Roger, Roy, Rufus, Rupert, Ryan, Sander, Sandra, Sandro, Sasha, Scott, Sean, Shane, Shannon, Stephen, Svend, Tara, Taylor, Terry, Travis, Trevor, Tyler, Walter, William… There are so many saints, it is hard to avoid those names.

It would be wise to Google the most popular baby names for the current year and avoid them. Back when I was a child, John was unusually popular. We had four Johns in our class to cause confusion.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)