If science told me they now had substantial evidence some sort of intelligence, perhaps an intelligent field, had designed the universe by selecting the initial conditions, I would be surprised but not incredulous. On the other hand, if they said Yahweh did it, I would check my calendar to see if it were April 1. Yahweh totally lacks the gravitas to have been creator of the universe. It would be a bit like being told Donald Trump, before becoming president, designed nuclear power plants. Yahweh is impetuous, impatient and ignorant. He is either ignorant of all science or he lied to his followers in every matter of science. He could not even solve a jig saw puzzle. Yahweh is like one of the villains in a Brothers Grimm tale. Universe-creating is way above his pay grade. He knows only a fraction about it that Stephen Hawking knows.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)