God’s Bananas

Ray Comfort is the clown prince of creationists. He and Kirk Cameron did a famous video where they claimed the modern banana was crafted by God for the convenience of humans. No, plant breeders did that, starting with the wild banana which was not very convenient at all.

But why did the wild banana tree go to all the work of producing any food at all, convenient or inconvenient, for monkeys? Evolution provides the answer. If a primeval banana tree produced even a tiny bit of food around its seeds, monkeys would eat it and poop out the seeds far and wide, helping that tree spread more widely than its fellows. Any tree that produced an unusually abundant supply of food would attract more monkeys and would spread more widely.

This same mutual benefit evolutionary process applies to berries, fruits and many vegetables involving all the vegetarian and omnivorous animals.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)