Collecting Money For God

This collecting money for god is such a scam. Allegedly, god created the universe. Surely he could create unlimited wealth if he wanted to. Further, not a penny of the money goes to god. Further, only a minute fraction of that money goes to good works. The rest goes to pampering the sellers of god, god’s con men. Even Mother Theresa collected money for the poor, then spent most of it on convents and gold altar decorations. Just look at the mansions, jets and limos of the TV evangelists and the megachurch pastors. That is what the boobs are buying with their tithes. They are lured with false promises of riches and pie in the sky after they die. My Christian landlady assured me she was completely certain she would have easy-to-clean solid gold countertops in her house in heaven, based on wishful thinking?

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)