Spaceship Earth

In biblical times, the world effectively ended 80.47 km (50 miles) away since very few people ever traveled more than a few miles from their birthplace. Today, it is quite possible to visit every country on earth in a single lifetime.

What we most need to understand is earth is like a spaceship. It contains our life support system. It grows all our food. It is our living space. It provides our recreation. It (along with the sun), provides all our energy. Just like a spaceship, if the life support system of earth goes off the rails, the passengers die.

We have people in the control room jumping up and down on the oxygen hose (speaking metaphorically). Anyone we send in to stop them, just starts doing the same thing. People need to realise what idiots we are being. We have two choices:

  1. mutual co-operation — treating each other as fellow ship mates
  2. going extinct (or at least back to stone-age level populations).
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)